5 News Headlines in 2020 That Concern Dogs in Australia During the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Media is playing a huge role in delivering the good and bad news about humans as well as animals. Pets and dogs have been in the spotlight of the news, with their good work or sometimes negative news.

Some of such news about pet dogs are:

• A horror show was seen when 38 bulldog puppies were found dead in a plane coming to Canada from Ukraine. The investigation is underway. Full Story Link: https://m.qt.com.au/news/horror-show-38-puppies-die-on-plane/4042073/

• Where there is kindness, you will also find evil. A man was stabbed when he confronted his neighbor about the dog abuse. This happened when the man tried to rescue the dog from his cruel owner. Full Story Link: https://www.9news.com.au/national/man-stabbed-video-staffy-kicked-sparks-outrage-man-arrested/fb81d90d-0503-483f-a00a-7fff70663f1b

• A cute Dachshund named chip is looking for a new home. One main thing- he is on a wheelchair. It is said that his next owner must know about the special need animal as well as shouldn’t leave Chip for a long period of time. Full Story Link: https://www.9news.com.au/national/disabled-dachshund-looking-for-his-forever-home-rspca-nsw/a44f33ec-9b24-42d6-bd3c-775cabd08a5b

• The rescue awards are back to inspire the animal shelters and rescue organization. It looks at the effort and hard work of the staff and the employees and encourage them to do their best. The. Leading foundation is Jet pets. Full Story Link: https://rescueawards.com.au/news/rescue-awards-is-back-to-encourage-and-inspire-rescue-when-needed-most/

• In the best community service, the Green cross Vets are launching Web-Vet, at home video call service. It will offer service to Australia’s biggest networks with around 1000 professional vets. Full Story Link: https://www.australiandoglover.com/2020/05/greencross-vets-launches-webvet-at-home.html?m=1