Top 3 Heartwarming News About Dogs During Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdown in Australia

In this time of lockdown, people are always trying to find something for hope of good future. Or simply a gesture if kindness. But besides humans, animals have also been taking part in such activities to bring a smile on people’s face.

Some of the heartwarming news about dogs in this difficult time of lockdown are:

• A heroic act by a dog named Bear, who found around 100 injured koalas in the bushfire in parts of Australia. He is a 5 year old koolie dog, who has been trying to detect and locate the surviving koalas. Link:

• Mike Cook, a man from Gold Coast and his golden retriever goes viral, when his video goes out where he is trying to walk his dog. But the stubborn dog lays on the pavement without making any effort. This video went viral worldwide and made people’s day. They couldn’t rsist laughing and sharing the video to cheer everyone. Link:

• A dog named Soda Pup is helping in delivering the wine to people at this time of Coronavirus Lockdown. People have decided this way of delivering after keeping in mind the guidelines of social distancing. Link: